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At the forefront of our company stands quality, high quality. And that means directly from the source. Our partners are well-established icons in the sector and our certificates speak for themselves. We are committed to deliver excellence through product freshness, traceability and our optimised logistic chain.
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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"Catering for a private party, I ordered oysters from Mesklenn as part of the menu. Guests found the oysters delicious – great taste, even though it was not the best season. Sebastien went out of his way to source the best one could get during these summer months. It was a pleasure working with him – and tasting the oysters"
— Alexandra Rendall - Le Bon Gout
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Fine Food from the land

It's not on many menus, but if you can track it down, look out for mouton pré salé. While researching my latest cookbook, I visited forth generation local producer Yannick Frain. He is what you might call, the ambassador of the mouton pré salé, the Breton equivalent of our Welsh salt marsh lamb. His sheep (mostly black-faced Suffolk) live in the shadows of the Mont St Michel making not only a highly-impressive background to the pasture, but when the tide is up during the full moon, the marshes are covered in salt water, imparting a specific flavour on the grass. The sheep are then left to graze in this area, for at least 70 days per year. Any less and it doesn't count for the AOC labelling.