About us

An importer and distributor of premium quality meat and seafood. Mesklenn was founded in 2017 by a French entrepreneur whom family has been farming mussels in Brittany for 3 generations.

What we promise

Who we are

At Mesklenn, we ensure that the products we offer meet our customer expectations for their unique taste, freshness and traceability. We supply Michelin star chefs, demanding restaurant chefs and families with the same product requirements. We also propose oyster bar service for group gatherings.

We source our products directly from suppliers who have a passion for product quality.

With years of experience, inherited from past generations, we bring you authenticity and tradition.
Our farmers respect the animal they breed
Our suppliers do not use any chemicals, conservatives, preservatives and GMO
Our optimized logistic chain is a guarantee of freshness and service excellence

We offer products at a fair price that guarantee farmers a decent income.