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It's not on many menus, but if you can track it down, look out for mouton pré salé. While researching my latest cookbook, I visited forth generation local producer Yannick Frain. He is what you  might call, the ambassador of the mouton pré salé, the Breton equivalent of our Welsh salt marsh lamb. His sheep (mostly black-faced Suffolk) live in the shadows of the Mont St Michel making not only a highly-impressive background to the pasture, but when the tide is up during the full moon, the marshes are covered in salt water, imparting a specific flavour on the grass. The sheep are then left to graze in this area, for at least 70 days per year. Any less and it doesn't count for the AOC labelling.

- Andrew Pervis, 13 Aug 2013 // The Telegraph

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What We Value

What we at Mesklenn Ltd.  are committed to providing


We guarantee the origin of our products through product traceability and the authenticity of our products which are produced with passion and years of experience, passed on from generation to generation. 


At the forefront of our company stands quality, high quality. And that means directly from the source. Our partners are well-established icons in the sector and our certificates speak for themselves.


At Mesklenn, we are committed to deliver excellence through product freshness, traceability and our optimised logistic chain.
Expect more, not less.

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Our Partners

We, at Mesklenn Ltd, are proud to be the exclusive distributor of the amazing brands below

Moules Morisseau
An exceptional natural environment and fertile Brittany coastlines give birth to the MORISSEAU® bouchot mussels. Due to traditional farming practices on bouchot poles (rows of wooden stakes driven into the ground of the foreshores), this shellfish has a distinctive, predominantly sweet flavor. Its orange flesh is smooth and tender and the stakes on which it grows add subtle wood overtones.

an orange logo reading Spécialité Traditionnelle Garanti Moules de Bouchot Morisseau trademark
reading Fines de Cancale SCEA and showing an oyster above a reprensentation of waves

Fines de Cancale oysters
From oyster beds in the Bay of Cancale, Fine de Cancale Oysters have a unique taste. Only three to four years of dedicated work can maximize their gustative quality with its touch of iodine. We also propose Special Oysters in limited quantity.

Gaboriau oysters
For centuries the claires of Marennes Oleron have been situated between the land and the sea. This unique environment gives to the Marenne Oleron oysters their unique taste, flavor and color.

 a dark blue logo reading l'huitre de Christrophe Gaboriau
logo showing Belon des Hermelles showing a map with land and sea

Belon oysters
The Belon des Hermelles Oyster is a premium quality oyster from Mont Saint Michel Bay in France. The traditional method of production allows the oysters to develop a unique flavor. The Belon des Hermelles was awarded a Gold Medal in 2008 and 2018 and a Bronze Medal in 2011 at the Paris Annual Fair.

Fantou meat selection
The Fantou Family® butcher has been operating for three generations. It has developed into a modern brand, specialized in high standard quality meat. Large product offers, prepared to order, are delivered in sealed protective punnets.

a logo reading Famille Fantou 1906
a logo reading la coucou de Rennes and showing with 2 grey chickents walking on green grass

La Coucou de Rennes
We are farmers and we want to offer the best of our products in a natural and healthy environment. We only use natural and durable farming techniques to raise our poultry.

Janzé chicken
Only few farmers grouped in an cooperative produce the Janze chicken. We follow a strict farming standard and to raise our red label free range chicken .

black, white and orange logo reading Le Janzé Chicken élevé en plain air
logo L'atelier des saveurs

l'Atelier des Saveurs
We are a traditional workshop making our won sweet and savoury culinary specialities. We have won several natyinal awards and were awarded the National award of France's Best Jam Maker in 2011 (Meilleur Confiturier de France). This honorary distinction has made us even more demanding regarding to the quality of our products.


Don't rely on our word but on the word of those who talk about us

About Gaboriau oysters

"Absolutely perfect oysters. They also made my guests very happy."

About Tournedos

"We have just eaten the tournedos. So delicious!"

About Fantou assortment

"We love it, the quality is great, very tender. Even we re-heat the meat the left over the next day, the meat was still very tender. We definitely are going to order from you!"

About Cancale oysters

"An absolute delicious delight, exquisite taste, qualified staff and fantastic service"

About Gaboriau oysters

"Catering for a private party, I ordered oysters from Mesklenn as part of the menu. Guests found the oysters delicious – great taste, even though it was not the best season. Sebastien went out of his way to source the best one could get during these summer months. It was a pleasure working with him – and tasting the oysters"

Morisseau Mussels

"Mussels were amazing!!"

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